Getting Your Students to Write

Getting students to write is often hard. It is easier if they have a real audience and purpose. Here is an opportunity for them to write concisely, for real people, with a real-world purpose.

Calling all budding reviewers!

They say the best movie pitches are made in twenty-one words or less. is the place to put those pitches to the test.

At this new site, you can review not only your favourite – and worst – films, but also albums, TV shows, books and games – all within 21 words or less!

So, do you fancy nailing the nastiest film of the year? Or do you reckon you can blog a blockbuster? Even take on Rent-a-Quote for a pithy put-down?

If so, sign up now and start sharing your creative insights with the world.

We look forward to seeing you on the site!

Welcome to the review-lution!

This announcement was the forwarded email I received with the following text:
We are three English Literature research students at the University of Sheffield who have recently established a new user-generated review site for the creative arts.

The site,, encourages budding writers to post their creative insights into a chosen genre within a strict word limit.

We are interested in building a solid base of concise reviews of films, books, music, television and games. Undergraduate and postgraduate arts students are best placed to provide consistent content as they are at the rockface of emerging and existing creative output.

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