CCTE Awards

There were many great panels at the conference. There were even more good presentations. This meant that it was difficult

5 excellent panels

William B. Tanner to grad student paper: Wendy Hanks “Why Illegitimate Children Are No Longer ‘Bastards'”

Pedagogy and Rhetoric: a whole panel receives this award–
Evaluating Student Writing Panel
Carol Johnson-Gerendas
Stacia Dunn Neeley
Carrie Shively Leverenz

Randy Popken Memorial Award: Mina L. Sommerville-Thompson “Sharing in the Connective Spaces”


Shakespearean Award: Lorrie Wolfard “This is the Very Coinage of Your Brain”

World Lit: Maryjane Hurst “Transcendence and Mythic Vision in Leo Tolstoy’s Resurrection and Denise Chavez’s Face of an Angel”

British: John Tindell “The Basil Pot’s Corruption of Isabella”

American: Dave Kuhne “Women in Post-Apocalyptic Fiction”

Creative Writing
Poetry: Sally McGreevey Hannay Poems from The Great Big Middle

Honorable Mention:
Sharon Klander
Brenda Bradley
Matt Byars

Prose: Cheryl Clements “I Hope This Reaches You”

Honorable Mention:
Douglas Haines “Everything Must Go”

TCEA: Travis Franks “Carving Memory on Consecrated Ground”

Then, for the award with the most prestige,

Frances Hernandez Teacher Scholar Award:
John Ruszkiewicz

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