5 Minute Plan

I have always been exceedingly goal oriented. I was six when I decided where I would go to college, nine when I picked my PhD school. (I was 25 before I even heard of my PhD topic area and, huzzah!, turns out my PhD school was one of the top 2.)

But today, reading about 5-year plans, I realized that I have been working on five-minute plans.

What do I absolutely have to do right now? (Those urgent and important things are starting to be stacked so high they may topple, like blocks under an unsteady hand.)

Despite the urgency and the importance of those stacks, I have created a ten-day plan, so I am moving beyond the five-minute web I’ve been living in.

I hope to soon be able to create a four-month schedule for my summer grant creation and book writing extravaganza. I am fairly sure, however, that the ten-day plan will take the whole ten days to finish, so it will be on day 11 before I have time to stop and work out a schedule.

My students are constantly being told they need to start early. I am working on that again myself.

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