Daily Progress Checklist

from Amabile and Kraven’s The Progress Principle:

Which one or two events today indicated either a small win or a possible breakthrough? (Describe briefly.)

Did the team have clear short- and long-term goals for meaningful work?

Did team members have sufficient autonomy to solve problems and take ownership of the project?

Did they have all the resources they needed to move forward efficiently?

Did they have sufficient time to focus on meaningful work?

Did I give or get them help when they needed or requested it? Did I encourage team members to help one another?

Did I discuss lessons from today’s successes and problems with my team?

Did I help ideas flow freely within the group?

Did I show respect to team members by recognizing their contributions to progress, attending to their ideas, and treating them as trusted professionals?

Did I encourage team members who faced difficult challenges?

Did I support team members who had a personal or professional problem?

Is there a sense of personal and professional affiliation and camaraderie within the team?

Inner work life
Did I see any indications of the quality of my [students’ ] inner work lives today?
Perceptions of the work, team, management, firm
What specific events might have affected inner work life today?

Action plan
What can I do tomorrow to strengthen the catalysts and nourishers identified and provide ones that are lacking? (2937 of 4703)

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