Interesting to See What Others Do

Texas Tech’s Academic Workload Calculation does not include everything that is essential at our school. But it does include some that are not given at our school (and could/should be).

Texas A&M’s Workload Policy is also interesting.

A&M has better workload percentages for supervising TAs.
A&M is also very explicit on chairing versus membership on a thesis committee. We do these “free.”
We also don’t get any credit in the “Teaching Program Development.”

Both A&M and Tech offer course reductions for new TT faculty. Our school, as far as I can tell, has never even considered such an idea.

We could really use more than A&M offers for Coordination.

The one place we are better than either Tech or A&M is that teaching a grad class = 2 undergrad classes. (So it’s not 1.5.)

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