What is Academic Literacy?

Since I work with students to help them improve their writing, I was looking for something specifically on writing in academia. These notes are more for grad students on entering the disciplinary conversation, but I thought they were good points.

1. Engaging with the key ideas and concepts of the discipline in ways that reflect how “experts” in the field think and reason.
2. Transforming what you have learned into a different form for use in a new context or with a different audience.
3. Making links between concrete knowledge and abstract theoretical knowledge
4. Engaging in substantive conversation
5. Making connections between the spoken and written language of the subject and other discipline-related ways of making meaning
6. Taking a critical stance toward knowledge and information
7. Using metalanguage in the context of learning about other things

Website for English Learners Academic Literacy and Thinking

Pauline Gibbons’ English Learners Academic Literacy and Thinking

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