Reading List

I’ve gotten stackloads of books this summer to read. I’ve mostly been doing the fiction recently.

I did finish The History and Theory of Rhetoric: An Intorduction by James A. Herrick, that I thought was very good.

I also re-read parts of RAW (Reading and Writing) New Media for the fourth version of an R&R for a review. (Yes, sometimes I wonder if I really want to do the review that much, but since most of the work was done…)

A Theology of Reading: The Hermeneutics of Love by Alan Jacobs has some interesting stuff. I am only on page 29, though. I’m expecting it to get even better.

Reading still to get to:
Ancient Rhetorics for Contemporary Students by Crowley and Hawhee (textbook for grad class I am teaching part of)
Reclaiming Rhetorica: Women in the Rhetorical Tradition, Andrea Lunsford, editor.
Culturematic by Grant McCracken. The cover also has a beginning part of the title as “How Reality TV
John Cheever
a Pie Lab
Julia Child
Fantasy Football
Burning Man
the Ford Fiesta Movement
Rube Goldberg
NFL Films
Two and a Half Men
a 10,000-Year Symphony
and ROFLCon Memes
Will Help You Create and
Execute Breakthrough Ideas.”
Maybe I should move that one to the top of my reading list?

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