An Idea for Creativity Jump Start

Send 31 postcards, with original poetry–written by you, for the month of August.

Gather 30 postcards from book stores, thrift shops, online, drug stores, antique shops, museums, gift shops…or make your own.
Buy some stamps. Mailed to U.S. addresses, standard postcards (up to 4-1/4″ x 6″) currently take 32-cent stamps; oversize/undersized cards take 45-cent stamps. (This is an international project, so some cards may require additional postage and extra delivery time.)
Receive (by e-mail) your list of 31 names (including your own) and addresses of participating poets.
Each day in August (best to start the last week of July to allow for delivery time), write an original poem on a postcard and send it to one person on the list, starting with the name that follows yours on the list and moving through the successive names until you’ve sent all your cards.
This is a commitment, so if you sign up, do send poetry postcards.

Found at New Pages Blog, where how to sign up and other important information can be found.

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