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Winter 2012 issue – December 1, 2012 deadline

The Journal of South Texas English Studies

The Journal of South Texas English Studies is now welcoming creative submissions for its Winter 2012 issue, themed “The Politics Of….” Submission deadline: December 1, 2012.

German Socialist Friedrich Engels said, “The more the opinions of the author remain hidden the better the work of art.” Writers like Oscar Wilde and James Joyce would come to exemplify this standard in their writing, and they would be condemned for doing so. Literature has been under scrutiny by both sides of the debate: to be or not to be…political. Many critics argue that writers should be the voice of the society, a moral compass if you will. But others will insist, as Mr. Wilde did, that “there is no such thing as a moral or an immoral book.” Is art only to be valued by its aesthetics? Or can literature be exploited to fit a political agenda without subsequent corruption? At what point does art become propaganda? Can the author truly remain distant from his or her own work as to not express any sort of bias?

The Winter 2012 issue of JOSTES seeks to explore these questions as well as the instability of the concept, the current presidential election campaign, and any ethical dilemmas arising from political discourse; we welcome submissions that reflect everything that comes to mind at the mention of the word “politics.” The editors of JOSTES ask writers to fill in the blank after the ellipsis by addressing the context of choice –race, class, religion, gender, sexual orientation –in their creative pieces. Writers also have the option and are encouraged to think outside the box in regard to the meaning of politics, perhaps even taking creative fiction into a futuristic dystopia brought about by a certain type of politics or a lack thereof.

For this purpose, the journal is accepting poetry and creative prose submissions. Although all creative submissions will be considered, preference will be given to those related to the theme of this issue. Poets can submit more than one poem, but the total length of all poems together cannot exceed 100 lines. Short fiction can be up to 5,000 words, flash fiction up to 1,000, flash-flash fiction up to 600 words, and creative non-fiction up to 3,000 words. We only accept creative work in English; any words in a foreign language must be translated in a note at the end of creative work. Please attach submissions as a single Microsoft Word or RTF document and e-mail it to with the subject line “creative submission.”

The JOSTES editors are also looking for scholarly articles between 5,000 and 8,000 words which fill in the ellipsis in our theme as related to English Studies. All articles must conform to our submission guidelines, which follow MLA 7th edition conventions. Please attach submissions as a single Microsoft Word or RTF document and e-mail it to with the subject line “article submission.” Please see full CFP for scholarly articles at the Journal web site:

Please note that articles not following our submission guidelines will be returned unread. Please consult our submission guidelines here:

We also accept book reviews of scholarly, non-fiction, and fiction up to 500 words. Preference will be given to book reviews of works that are related to the current issue’s theme, but we will consider other book reviews as well. Please attach submissions as a single Microsoft Word or RTF document and e-mail it to with the subject line “book review.”

The Editors of The Journal of South Texas English Studies are also asking for submissions of cover art filling in the blank of the ellipsis. Content should represent a critical perspective on the theme of “The Politics of…” and should reproduce well in small format. Please submit your artwork electronically as a .jpeg or .gif file only and include a brief biography and artist’s statement by the journal submission deadline to with the subject line “cover art submission.”

Deadline for submissions is December 1, 2012. For additional information, including submission guidelines, please visit the journal’s website:

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