CFPs for SWTXPCA: Geeks

The Geek and Popular Culture: A Love/Hate Relationship

This area seeks to examine the relationship between popular culture and the ever-changing geek or nerd. Topics could include: defining the “geek,” the geek versus the nerd, female geeks or nerds, depictions of geeks, depictions of nerds, tropes surrounding nerds/geeks, Hollywood’s pseudo-nerd creations, the “babe” in nerd/geek television series or films, differences between the two terms and their depictions in television or film, the power of the nerd, the social acceptance of the term “geek,” and much more.

Abstracts should be no more than 250 words. The deadline for abstract submissions is November 16, 2012. Pre-constituted panels should contain 3 to 4 different abstracts. All submissions must be made through the conference database at Please include a brief biographical statement (no more than 150 words) in your submission.

Full CFP

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