50,000 words for academic writing month starts today. Don’t actually know much about it except for that. I signed up though.

Right now most of my writing is going into the iBook authors app, as I put together my classroom text for Early British literature.

The update for iBooks author came out this week and I found a new/better/cooler/prettier template. So I am hand moving all I have over to that one. An easy port would be a great help, Apple!

Most of my time (or so it feels) is spent searching out beautiful images with Creative Commons’ licenses that will work in the book.

For your viewing pleasure–and it will be if you are my kind of geek–I will post a Jing of the cover of the first edition. (Yes, not even being used yet and I am already on version 1.3.)

The photograph of the telephone booth and the clock was created by JZA84.

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