SCMLA: Computer Applications, Gray’s Tech Candy Store

Linda Gray, Oral Roberts U
Technology Candy Store: Deciding What to Use

Began teaching English and French in 1977.
Now teaching French again after a lapse of 20 years.
computer-aided instruction is very different
Cultural info I filled in with posters, travel brochures, cut out pictures from magazines and taped them onto paper. Sewed a French flag.
in the computer age, learning resources for foreign language still difficult, but in a different way. Too many choices.

Prentice-Hall audio exercises online and on CDs
online quizzes, pictures, ppt flashcards, videos
even pen and paper flashcards– students can print off and carry with them

Beyond publisher provided, www hosts thousands
independently created resources video clips on YouTube, podcasts,
teacher-created resources– made audios and computer aids

Once made, they help me for several semesters.
Wanted writing exercises for adjusting diction, etc for technical writing students.
Created them.
Then approached Prentice-Hall with her rough drafts.
They are now published with two of their texts.

student-created resources

Ask students to create and post podcasts.
Students in tech writing post on Instructables.
Focus on writing for web, websites for real-life clients.

How to wade through the enormous wealth of electronic stuff…
Consider your objectives and course goals first.

Study by XX in XX
numerous studies of learning a language, method for studying, how the use electronic studies
looks at Biggs (earlier study)
learning strategies: surface and deep learning

Deep learner motives
desire to thoroughly understand
desire for new insights
deep commitment to learning
strategies: connects new info to past knowledge

Surface learner motives:
quick way to complete
desire to avoid risk of failure
desire to minimize effort
strategies for surface learner include:
don’t ask in-depth questions
employs linear process

Both groups studied for a test using a linear process.

BUT when asked to look thru hypertext
deep learners used concept map
surface learners used context info for further search ideas

Courses for majors usually include deep learners, while required classes are usually full of surface learning.

Other factors also impact learning: age, socioeconomic class, etc.

Beyond considering learning strategies, consider what is available.

What tech have we used?
Computer Assisted Language Learning CALL
emerged in late 60s and 70s

Benefits of Motivation=
variety of activities
more interactions
real-life situations
“safe” environment
learner autonomy

cost of hardware, software
availability of equipment
lack of tech knowledge
reluctance to changing methods
time management

With personal computers, integrated CALL
more of a blended strategy

what about effective use?

Considerations for choosing
motivations and learning approaches of students
goals of the course
educational philosophies
availability of tech
role of the teacher
attitudes and abilities of teacher

English profs were frustrated with “drafts”

found Writer’s Workbench
requested funding for half a dozen
got feedback
have students submit print out with paper itself

“words are vague” 11.75% in your paper
= all, character, get, good, more, people, more…
words w # of times
TO BE also highlights, suggest how to change for more active verbs.

Rosetta Stone in languages
15 of their languages, 11 more than we teach on campus
200 mission students a year
many come to study a language of the host country on their own
wrote a grant for a global studies major (int’l studies plus 2 languages)
gov’t grant required one unusual language for an instructions manual in tech writing
Write, beta test, publish.
Just last month, a student’s work was chosen to be highlighted on the site.
Instructable was how to make chopstick stand out of chopstick holder.

One last example…
tech savvy

SCOLA–online service
authentic language content in class for:
teaching cultural enlightenment
teaching and evaluating listening comprehension
watching and comprehending entertainment for fun
watching and understanding news for

Note: Computer froze at this point. Other notes will be forthcoming as I figure out a way to port my notes back over to the computer.

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