Fast and Furious

I’ve been off the web most of the time, except for occasional forays into Twitter-dom, and checking Facebook for birthdays, because I don’t have time to do any reading on the net. I am teaching four classes. I have two books due by the end of the year and an R&R that is a month overdue (so far).

In good news, the review that was lost by the journal editor AND by me has been found by both of us and is set to be published soon. That’s actually great news, since I had finally pulled it off my CV because I could not even find evidence of having written the dang thing!

So what does that have to do with fast and furious? Well, rather than post a bunch of links I never get back to reading, I plan on doing some Fast&Furious posts, where I quote, link, and do an introductory response to things I thought were interesting on the net.

This “outboard memory” thing about the internet doesn’t work if you don’t write, so I am going to write a little in the hopes that as I peruse the articles later, I will find the gems of wisdom that don’t show up in the “great to read” lists I occasionally have published.

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