Fast and Furious: Digital Scholarship Recognized?

Recognising and rewarding digital scholarship has a significance beyond the promotion of individuals. For universities, as they seek to manage change to a digital, networked society, it acts as a strong indicator and vehicle for change.

Discussion of new article from Martin Weller’s blog Ed Techie.

From the abstract:

The use of new technologies by academics to perform research, construct knowledge, disseminate ideas, engage students in learning and conduct a wide range of scholarly activities generates a number of issues for established reward and tenure systems, which can be seen as a representative microcosm of the issues facing universities more generally.

Ah, yes. This is an issue that is coming to my university because of our forward-thinking in technology. We’re getting there.

From the article itself:

Experiments in new genres of scholarship and dissemination are occurring in every field, but they are taking place within the context of relatively conservative value and reward systems that have the practice of peer review at their core.

there does seem to be a move in many universities to recognise digital scholarship to some extent.

Download / visitor counts – downloads of articles or visits to an academic site can be seen as
equivalent to citations.

a representation of scholarly activity could be established by analysing data from a number of sites, such as the individual’s blog, Twitter, Slideshare and YouTube accounts, and then also using the webometrics approach to analyse the references to these outputs from elsewhere.

For T&P can I argue that professors linking to blog posts for students’ instruction is teaching? Or is that research?

I’ve started putting my conference presentations into iBooks Author for the “big black folder of doom” presentation digitally. We’ll see if they’re there yet, by the time my tenure experience surfaces. (They have just moved to WordPress blogs for T&P portfolios.)

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