iBook and an Amazing Steampunk Icon

On deviantART I found a wonderful steampunk icon. I no longer recall what it was originally intended for, but I thought it would be perfect as the icon for “more info here.” The creator allowed free use and downloads. So I downloaded it and freely used it. It is the only image that repeats across my four iBooks for Major British Writers I, the Brit lit survey course for sophomores I teach.

One day soon the books will be in the iTunes store and you can download them and use them in your classes. But that is not what this post is about.

This post is about how glad I am for the amazing steampunk icon.

So I decided I should make some jings of the icon on the pages and send it to the artist. However, I don’t know how to email the artist. So I am going to put them up here and note that they are here.

Thank you very much!

From book 2, Middle English:

From book 1, Old English:

The artist on Pinterest

The artist on deviantART

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