Starting Spring Break

I got up this morning without my clothing pre-planned. I wanted to wear jeans, but those are not professor wear at my university, so I didn’t do that. Instead I wore the one pair of capri pants my husband actually likes, a nice blouse, five inch heels, and a hat. It’s a lace covered fedora and I added a silver satin pin to the side of it. I guess I’ve got a very different view of “casual Friday” than most people.

Certainly I have a different view of it than the frosh who showed up for her 7:40 am meeting in pajamas. But she showed up and it wasn’t lingerie, so I’m good.

Half of the 8 am students apparently started their spring break early. They weren’t there. So everyone who was there got 100 for their in-class work (which was generally very good) and got all the answers to the questions for today’s readings. I’m also thinking a final exam question for extra credit on today’s readings…

After my 8 am class I had three freshman conferences scheduled. Two of the three showed up. That was good, too.

One was surprised that I was surprised he made it. Since he’s missed the last two weeks of class, I think my surprise was reasonable, although perhaps it would have been better not to express it!

After the two conferences concluded, I headed home to see my dad. Then I realized I had not finished grading some papers I thought I had not only graded but recorded. So back I went to work for another two hours.

My spring break plans:
1. Enjoy two days with my dad.
2. Read several new novels.
3. Write the paper for the April conference.
4. Have lunch with a friend in town to celebrate our birthdays.
5. Head out of town to eat and antique with a buddy.
6. Finish the last quarter of the iBook.
7. Go to a steampunk convention.

I think I’ll also try to sleep in at least one day.

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