Anglo-Saxon Hagiography

Christine Rauer at Kalamazoo’s 48th Medieval Congress

Gregory’s Dialogues
appears like Anglian dialect
has Irish collaborators
pre-Alfredian context
Alfred had Mercian helpers. We think they were chosen for literary scholarship. What scholarship was this?
some provided glosses

If it was produced earlier in Mercia, why would he not know it? He would. Why not discuss? He is interested in creating a renaissance in Wessex, in competition to Mercia. Maybe he didn’t recognize it as a literary text.

Need to look at Grimald. Conscious that Grimald had something to do with it.
If later than Dialogues, might be in a larger context.

Can’t make up my mind. I favor a pre-Alfredian Martyrology
find it ironic now that the Alfredian canon has shrunk, it seems to be that OE martyrology is moving in the direction of creating/re-creating Alfredian canon…

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