Summer iBook

This summer I am finishing up my British Literature iBook so that it will be ready for the iTunes store.

I am also starting the Old English book for the once-in-a-lifetime chance to teach a junior/senior course. (So I am making a textbook for a course I will only teach once, you ask. Yes.)

I received an email from a colleague asking about how much time it took me to make the iBook. I told him about 20 hours per week. That lets off the time for my doing stupid stuff, but includes all the time for my sitting around going “What am I going to put in now?”

I am actually giving a presentation at SCMLA in New Orleans this year on being an early adopter of iBooks Author and what that meant…

Computer Applications session if you are interested. Also going to have a great presentation on making/using podcasts in the English classroom.

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