Example of Postcard Poetry

So, if this were my postcard:
<Dorothy_Levitt_driving_a_Napier_at_Brighton_July_1905 postcard WC pd

I might write something like this:

Dieselpunk original,
Dorothy Levitt drives
a nappy Napier
at beautiful Brighton.
83 years later
Shawna Robinson rode
an AC Delco in Asheville,
driving in the dash division.
Danica Patrick
modern female driver
is still unusual enough
to warrant comment.

Original dieselpunk postcard
illustrates the early history
of women driving unbarred.
Still few, it’s a mystery:
Why don’t women race?
It can’t be the pace.

British Brighton Motor Trial
Ran for a quarter mile,
from Palace Pier to Black Rock;
the drivers tried to beat the clock.
In the oldest running motor race
a woman driver took her place.
Dorothy Levitt drove that day
A Napier on the tarmac’ed way.
Although she did not win
At least they let her in.

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