Visual Rhetoric

I am reading on visual rhetoric (particularly in digital media) this semester. I saw a CFP which does not apply to me, since it deals with multiliteracy centers, but which had some interesting things in it.

So I stuck in here in my computer brain as notes.

Our understanding of multimodal pedagogies has been enriched by composition scholarship that deepens our view of multiliteracy center work. Selber (2004), for instance, introduced a centralizing theory of multiliteracies through three literacy categories: functional, critical, and rhetorical. Since then, these literacy areas are evident in pedagogical discussions of how multimodal projects support rhetorical knowledge (Ridolfo & DeVoss, 2009; Shipka, 2011; Palmeri, 2012; Reiss & Young, 2013). These scholars apply multimodal composition pedagogies with an interest in the rhetorical impact on studentprojects, opening the discussion to the reciprocal relationship between these classroom experiences and multiliteracy center practices.

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