Good Use of a Snow Day

snow day Feb 6 2014-2489 It’s almost a month since school started and I haven’t given my fyc students the “name the people in your class” quiz. (I started doing this years ago to get newbies far from home a reason to meet each other and be able to greet people by name on campus.)

Today, since it’s a snow day, I was spinning my wheels online and realized that I would like to give the students something to study with. So I asked everyone to send me a picture (and then I changed it to 2 or 3) so that I could create a video as a study guide.

The rapid response I’ve been getting indicates the students like the idea. It’s been an hour since the email went out and half the class has already sent photos.

This is going to be a fun snow day project. It will also be a good thing for the students to have access to.

I’ll only post it to our classroom blog. That way they can all see it but it won’t be “out there.”

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