TCEA: Texas Frontier Explorations

Jeffrey DeLotto, Texas Wesleyan U
“Texas Innocents Abroad … er, Aboard”

two short pieces …
might be subtitled
What a Creatively Written Sabbatical Request Might Get You

stowing our two young children
skies early clouds burned off to partly sunny
tucked in with feigned gusto
confused breeze
distant artillery duel time-warped from WWII Europe

Cheryl Duke, Texas Tech U
“The Three-Tiered Apple Candy Dish and Other Poems”

representing a whole collection of 1930s dishes your mother started for you
went into remission thinking to have escaped death, but it returned

nursery rhyme—Little Red Hen
prophetic, living in her land and her life
Who will do the work? Am I the only one?

loved the alliteration:
dream drifter (guy left Amarillo)
drifted to Denver prospecting dreams
daily drudge

Steve Sherwood
TCU, “Texas Doomers: A Trilogy”

“My biggest worry when it all goes to hell is that the bodies piling up in front of my house is going to advertise that we have food.”

doomer mentality especially rampant, made solid contributions … lost the optimism Americans once took for granted

bought his and her gas masks

tea leaves of the internet

“The apocalypse had better come soon before my canned goods expire.”

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