CCTE: Poetry session

Erin Daugherty
Poems from “Liminal Sublimity”

ccte-3432recently took a student on romanticism, the poems from this collection are reflective of that

“To Glory”
not in shadows or sorrow or sleep (OE remnant)
color souls to match their sheen

“Yellow Stripes Between”
wink of the porch light’s gleam

cheap mirage I bought on impulse

??how did the romantics that you studied, this is not quintessential romantic, generate poems?
first poem about nature
concept of knowing and knowing more fully by being immersed in nature
idea of sublime
complexity of beauty and something terrible in things like love… not nature, but a natural thing

Jeffrey DeLotto
“Selected Poems”

a little variety here

“Little Man”
holstering his radio

“Lines Begun a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey”
200 summers with the length of 200 winters

“Wm Blake’s Marker”
still a simple shrine
garden and glory

??Choose this particular selection for a reason?
They are ones I haven’t published yet.
I wanted some variety.
Usually I have some dramatic monologues and didn’t have any this time.

??just something that grabs you?
sometimes will sit around for years
I had written some lines, but hadn’t come together yet.

??do they sit around on paper or in your head??

Usually on some pieces of paper.
Were talking about movies earlier. Had probably seen a horror movie and wrote on an index card, it just came to me, “I will chop your fingers off and eat them with sausages.” stuck it in desk, sat in there for more than 10 years
Then one day the character who would say such a line came to me.
dramatic monologue in voice of serial killer.

lots of bits and stacks and I know what they are going to be

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