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One thing I have learned as I have moved from college to college (most frequently as an adjunct but also as a full-time instructor and now on the tenure track) is that policies regarding email are different at different schools and that they can change.

As an adjunct, you need a professional sounding email address that you control, keep up with, and use regularly for your scholarship and job applications.

I found out that a chapter was being published with Routledge due to the fact that the university I worked with had kept my email available to me (not something they mentioned) and I happened to check that email for the first time in a year within a few weeks of an acceptance. Had I not had access to the email or had I not checked it, I would not have had that chapter published–since it was a new publisher and I had to do some relatively minor R&R and sign the permissions.

I found out that an article I had submitted five years earlier was accepted because by the time I submitted for that CFP I realized that I needed a standard email address and it came to my regular/personal email earlier this month.

One of the colleges where I taught full time closed my email down as soon as the semester ended. They did not warn me and all my email access disappeared–including my cyber copies of work I had done. (With the cloud that becomes less of an issue, but it still could be an issue.)

Get an email address and use it consistently for CFPs and job applications. Make sure that it is professional sounding and that you are the person who controls it. It could make a big difference.

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