Where I Started: RrNm Conference Notes

Before this project was proposed, I already had an interest in the topic of research in rhetoric of new media. I have been slowly collecting books related to this. I have been collecting (if not actually reading) articles in the areas related to rhetoric of new media. I have been attending conference presentations.

I am going to post links to the other blog posts within TCE that are related to this topic, just to give a broad background of where my ideas on this have ranged.

This section is on conference presentations.

Conference Notes
CCTE: “Evaluating Student Writing when Multimodal Rhetoric Changes the Interface”, which includes notes from two sets of presentations.
1. “‘What’s TEXT got to do with it?’: Assessing Visual and Textual Elements in First-Year Writing Projects” by Carol Johnson-Gerendas & Stacia Dunn Neeley @ Texas Wesleyan U
2. “Resistance to Multimodal Composing among Advanced Writers: Assessing Expertise and Medium” by Carrie Shively Leverenz @ Texas Christian U

MLA: Rhetorical Historiography and the Digital Humanities, which includes notes on two presentations.
1. “Touch Memory Death Technology Argument: Reading Onscreen” by Anne Frances Wysocki @ U of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
2. “Digital Archives as Rhetoric: Emerging Opportunities for Research and Design” by William Hart-Davidson @ Michigan State U & Jim Ridolfo @ U of Cincinnati

SCMLA: Technical Writing II, which includes notes on three conference presentations.
1. “Voices of Collaboration: Integrating Styles Separated by Time, Writers, and Purposes” by David L. Major @ Austin Peay State U
2. “Making the Most of New Technologies” by Linda Gray @ Oral Roberts U
3. “Constructing Visual Arguments” by Shuwen Li @ U of Arkansas- Little Rock

SCMLA: Technical Writing I, which includes notes on four conference presentations.
1. “An Xtra-Special Use of New Media in the Technical Writing Classroom” by Brian Blackburne @ Sam Houston U
2. “To Google Docs or Not: Making More Informed Choices with Technology” by Deb Williams @ Abilene Christian U
3. “One Font, Two Fonts, Red Fonts, Blue Fonts: Teaching Design Software to Technical Communications” by Michael Charlton at Missouri Western U
4. “Technical Writing and Social Media: A Contradiction of Terms and Realities” by Elizabeth Tebeaux @ Texas A&M

PCA: Understanding Visual Rhetoric
This is the talk (with related images) by Shuwen Li @ U of Arkansas-Little Rock on Understanding Visual Argumentation. I use this A LOT in my freshman classes to discuss ethos, pathos, and logos. I also use it in my graduate history and theory of rhetoric course.

PCA: Tech Comm, Visual Rhetoric
This is notes from a presentation on “Reconfiguring ‘Visual Rhetoric’ for Technical Writing” by Carlos Salinas @ U of Texas-El Paso.

Computers & Writing 2010: Third Panel, which contains three sets of notes.
1. “Rediscovering Their Voices” by Kendra Gayle Lee @ U of South Florida
2. “Technologies for Transcending a Focus on Error: Blogs and Democratic Aspirations in First-Year Composition” by Cheryl C. Smith @ U of South Florida
3. “Sound Off with Style: Teaching Students w Op-Ed Column” by Quentin Vieregge @ U of South Florida

Computers and Writing 2009 “Confronting Assumptions”

Adams Center: “Teaching and Learning” includes results from research on links and images added to texts

MLA: :Sites of Digital Composing in the Classroom”, which include notes on three conference presentations.
1. Kristine Blair @ Bowling Green U on tech in the classroom
2. Christine Tully @ U of Findlay on digital reviews
3. Joy Bracewell @ U of Georgia’s “Integrating History: Producing a Particularized Digital Pedagogy”

PCA: “Oh Fff” includes notes on teaching Aristotle’s appeals using film clips.

“Pt 1: The End of the Essay” is quotes from a presentation and my response to it. It is about using visuals and the multimodal classroom, back in 2008.

“The End of the Essay” are the rest of my notes on Norbert Elliot’s talk.

MLA: “New Media, New Pedagogies”
1. “Steampunk Online: Game Design as Narrative Pedagogy” by Jay Clayton @ Vanderbilt U
2. “Technologies That Describe: Data Visualization and Contemporary Fiction” by Heather Houser @ UTexas-Austin
3. “Better Looking, Close Reading: How Online Fiction Builds Literary-Critical Skills” by John David Zuern @ U of Hawai’i-M’noa

PCA: “Rhetorics of New Media roster” is notes on a panel I was going to attend. I don’t see any notes online, but maybe I have them in a notebook. This was in 2011.

MLA: “Literature and/as New Media” are notes from a round table of seven people. They were basically asking/answering the question: What is at stake with digital humanities for literature and the other arts?

MLA: “New Media and Blogging” is my comment on the irony of MLA being open/encouraging to bloggers and sticking them in the back of the room.

SCMLA: “Social Media and Effective Communication” has the notes from “Civic Blogs, Emails, Tweets: Re-examining 21st C Effective Communication” by Heidi Huse @ U of Tennessee-Martin

“Good writing must be the quintessential 21st-century skill” (NCTE).

Computers & Writing: “Writing in the Era of Digital Reproduction” are my notes from the keynote speech by Bill Cope from UI.

Computers & Writing: “Teaching Tech When Instructors are the Novices”

“Easy Tech for British Literature”
is a “handout” for my conference presentation on the topic.

CCCC: “Confronting Digital Literacy Myths in Theory and Practice” covers the talks in that session.
1. “The Digital Literacy Debate: From Technological Determinism to Student Agency” by Don Jones @ U of Hartford (CN)
2. “Myths of Decline and Ignorance: Engaging Writing Pedagogy and Popular Views of Digital Literacy” by Kelly Bradbury @ College of Staten Island (NY)
3. “The Pedagogy of the Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives: Literacy Sponsorship in Action” by Michael Harker @ Georgia State U and Kate Comer @ Barry U (Miami Shores, FL)

PCA: “Genre Analysis of Facebook” is on “Perceived Interactivity and Genre: A Genre Analysis of the Facebook Interface” by Katie Retzinger @ Old Dominion U

CCTE: “The Once and Future World of Textbook Publishing- eBooks”

MLA: “Professoriat on the Social Web”

MLA: “EBooks as Bibliographic Objects- Enkindling”

Computers & Writing: Second Panel
1. “The Tyranny of the Virtual World” by Lynn Jettspace @ Purdue/U Indiana
2. “Confessions of a Blogagogue” by Marcy Leasum Orwig @ Iowa SU
3. “Beyond the Margin of Student Papers” by Jennifer O’Malley @ Florida SU

Computers & Writing: “Blogs 2: Writing on a Continuum”

CCTE: “The Pen and the Byte Offer Different Benefits”

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