A Reminder

Just to remind myself why I am taking the time to write all my notes here (and bore most of you to tears, no doubt!)… I suggested a scholarship program of readings in the rhetoric of new media, particularly the visual aspects, and in relation to the digital presentations (videos) that I have had my students preparing.

Christine de Pizan in her study cellRice’s next chapter is particularly germane, but really I am putting these online so that I don’t have to search through my hard drive for them. I just today found a treasure box of 54 articles that I had stuffed into a file (in my teaching folder for some reason, rather than my reading folder) and while that list is daunting (in addition to all the notes I still have to transcribe), at least it is a computer file and I will be able to take it with me to the British Isles this summer and work on it there as well.

I meant to keep track of the hours I have put into this project, but somewhere after 29 I forgot. So now I don’t know. I am sure that I will be at 135 by the time I finish all the transcriptions, but I may interrupt those for some of the other articles.

I’m hoping that re-writing will make meaning out of all these ideas and pull them together. If not, I will be in the position one of my students mentioned to me earlier when he said that while he had a lot of readings, they hadn’t really pulled together in any particular way… For him, I was able to suggest an organizational strand. Perhaps as I put these here, an organizational pattern will become clear to me as well.

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