N/A at Library

I want to list sources that I could not find at our library. Then when I am out in the world, I can check other people’s libraries and possibly read them there.

I wish I had started done this online earlier, rather than just in print, because I’ve been in Houston, Austin, Albuquerque, and Lubbock in the last two months.

Miles, Libby, Michael Pennell, Kim Hensley Owens, Jeremiah Dyehouse, Helen O’Grady, Nedra Reynolds, Robert Schwegler, and Linda Shamoon. 2008. “Thinking Vertically.” College Composition and Communication 59: 503 – 11.

Rice, Jenny Edbauer. 2008. “Rhetoric’s Mechanics: Retooling the Equipment of Writing Production.” College Composition and Communication 60: 366 – 87.

Sheppard, Jennifer. 2009. “The Rhetorical Work of Multimedia Production Practices: It’s More Than Just Technical Skill.” Computers and Composition 26: 122 – 31.

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  1. Hi,

    Your library can probably get these for you through ILL (interlibrary loan). 🙂

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