Scholarship on the Web

Ayers, Edward L. “Doing Scholarship on the Web: 10 Years of Triumph and a Disappointment.” The Chronicle of Higher Education online. 30 January 2004. Web. 21 October 2008. .

steampunk_archive_icon_by_yereverluvinuncleber-d5jsav0“the Web was spreading rapidly, giving us new audiences every day. Ironically, it also restricted what we could do. The limits of bandwidth… We built a CD-ROM, creating a multimedia environment rich with color photographs, music, voice, and animations. Meanwhile, the Web kept growing, computers kept getting better, and we kept tearing down the Valley Project and rebuilding it.”

“until we build [digital] scholarship that can hold its own with the best work done on paper, tenure and promotion will not follow. Yet teaching that is isolated from scholarship cannot remain vital.”


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