Tenure & Promotion: The Process

ACU Hunter Welcome columns horizontalMy SIL was told that if her articles get published (she has two in R&R), she should immediately submit for tenure. … Her university has a one-shot pass/fail tenure process.

My university has a three-stage tenure portfolio plan.

The year before the actual t&p is due, a portfolio has to be turned in–as if it were real. This portfolio is reviewed by folks in the process who give feedback. You have time to work on what needs revision or expansion.

Turn in your actual t&p portfolio. It’s due in September. You will hear back sometime between December and February.


If your t&p portfolio did not pass, you have one more year to create a t&p portfolio that will get tenure. This includes doing any/all of the things people have mentioned to improve your portfolio along the way.

Where I Am
This summer I am living in the British Isles and working on the first stage of my tenure and promotion portfolio.

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