Writing x5

If you are like me, sometimes it seems like everything is going along well and other times it feels as if you are being inundated–sometimes in the same day!

This summer is dedicated to research and writing (and sight seeing, though that fits with both of the others, too).

I’ve got my tenure portfolio to put together, my dissertation that I am actually going to finish revising and send to the publisher, an article I’ve said I was sending off for two years (which still needs work), and a presentation I am giving at the end of the summer. Those should have been plenty to keep me busy.

I have been, however, considering writing a paper for this CFP on rhetoric and the Victorian sciences. Science is a hobby of mine; Victoriana fits with my steampunk interests; and the rhetorical analysis focuses on my academic work area.

Today I received an acceptance for my abstract on the rhetoric of cosplay, so I have a chapter to write for that. I think the Victorian sciences will need to go by the wayside.

The rhetoric of cosplay has an added upside in that I have an excuse to dress up and go to conventions–always a pleasure.

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