Portfolio Preparation

The Tenure and Promotion Portfolio is due in September, so work has commenced on the blog.

I have retrospectives written for my courses, but they need to be combined in a cohesive manner and fit into the general presentation of my teaching. I also need to include plans for the future that are up-to-date.

While I’ve been using WordPress for a long time, I need to learn some new things. How does one create the hierarchy that puts the pages under the parent in the order desired? Is there really any time that a post is a better choice for the portfolio? I’m used to writing posts except for things which are designed to stay static–which on most of my blogs is very limited.

What design choices can I make to present my work well, particularly in light of the reading on the rhetoric of new media and visual rhetoric I just finished doing this year?

The biggest question in my mind is will I recognize when it is done well enough or will I be tweaking it into the night before it is due, even though I will have already worked on it for a hundred plus hours? (Based on previous work of less significance.)

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