Using iPads

Tom Gray, iPad guru
Independent scholar who uses iPads for presentations.
SCMLA 2013 notes
Technology in Language Education section.

Maternal grandfather went to school, took slate and chalk. It’s not exactly full circle, but similar.
Technophobia is a paradigmatic change.

We don’t feel comfortable with new ways to do things.

The older you are, the harder it is to make paradigmatic changes.

Attitude makes learning easier.

overhead projector

iPad is primarily visual, but also tactile.
Many people are very tentative.

Why do people stop at a particular time?
In the 20th century, there is a church in Scotland where the minutes for the meetings still have to be written down on vellum.

Try things out.

Games are a good way to get familiar with new tech.

Apps–don’t have a thorough collection, but you do need a word processor.

Keyboard is helpful.
Test them. Find one you like.
I bought a $79 Apple keyboard with bluetooth.

Students–thumb texting keyboards with bluetooth are available.

Can record what you are typing.
Using Dragon.
Failure rate is 3-5%.

Use other academic devices.
End Note has a program for iPad. It will format your paper in different styles.

Evernote and Dropbox are useful.

Kindle–kept on Amazon, can download to the doc you are working on.

There are great things available for English education and education in general.
The British Museum and the King’s Library have a subscription.
Better format than Gutenberg.

Language learning on iPad is also good.
Magazines and journals in other languages are available for the iPad.

Annotation of Shakespeare’s plays is an app I’ve used.

If new to working with iPad, there are interactive magazines, like National Geographic which teach how to use the iPad.

paradigmatic change = iPad

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