So Much to Do, So Little Time!

When I first thought of posting this, it was because I’ve got to get ready for school and finish the article and editing the dissertation.

But then I thought it also applied to being in the UK and how short a time left here we have.

I realized I’ve posted nothing on the linguistics and language things I’ve noted while here.

In the next three weeks I will:
finish an article
finish editing my dissertation
get two new preparations’ syllabi and course calendars ready
finish most of my tenure and promotion portfolio
solicit letters for the t&p (anyone impacted by TCE want to write one about that?)
attend the Doctor Who new season premiere in Cardiff
attend Nine Worlds
attend LonCon3
give a paper at LonCon3
be on a roundtable (or two) at LonCon3
visit Stonehenge
see a friend coming in from Africa
hit the charity shops with said friend
see a friend from home who is in the UK for a few weeks
see friends who have moved here but are going to be in the States for most of the next 3 weeks
do a Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour
eat lunch in The Shard
meet with a fellow academic whose book I am writing a chapter for
read the newest Ilona Andrews novel

One thought on “So Much to Do, So Little Time!”

  1. Just stumbled across your blog while preparing for the new semester and finalizing this stack of syllabi. Now here I am, distracted by your posts, because I was in the UK just last week and am missing it. Great stuff here — glad I stumbled upon it.

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