Yay for the WayBack Machine

I was looking for a link to an article I wrote and had published. Google said it had never existed. That’s a problem.

The publishing journal had nothing on its site earlier than 2010, but I know it was an online publication. I was not happy.

My husband suggested the WayBack Machine. They had it. I took a screenshot of it so I can prove that it once existed.

CEA Forum from Wayback

Technology is great, except when stuff disappears.

So, since I was grateful that it still exists somewhere, even if not on the CEA Forum website, I went and donated money to the WayBack Machine. Thank you, WayBack for this.

The web archive address was: http://web.archive.org/web/20090903165626/http://www2.widener.edu/%7Ecea/381davis.htm

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