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Chaos costuming is running through charity shops.
Make a costume box.
Make do: yellow duct tape for stripe on military uniform
ink jet fabric for badges
Use standard components with badges. “off the shelf” components

People have varying degrees of perfectionism.
But if the badge is right, other details will be overlooked.

Last minute additions will be very expensive.

Think about costume tailoring for the weather.

“You are best to put your character into the costume.” (acting it out)

Ming: “I do science fiction military. Then I don’t have to look like anyone specific.” Paid a tailor in Manila to create the Babylon 5 outfit.
Others have said, “When I think of [insert specific sf military here], I think of you.” So that works.

9Worlds dread pirate roberts 2014-6178Basic pieces:
leather trousers (black pants)
“big” shirts (like for kilts and pirates)
scarves and bandana
black tank top

“getting the key elements right” Neil (dread pirate Roberts)

“detail is key” “details of character and costume” Leslie M… (Rolando Molari)

9Worlds hexadecimal 2014-6181Hexadecimal (5th doctor’s wife):
red moog costume with face cut out
simple mask painted
thigh high boots = leather chaps strapped over shoes and stitched together
arm pieces = black foam and electrical tape

black satin bathrobe worn like a kimono
pleated trousers

“dark doctor” 5th doctor leading an army, basically his stuff in darker colors, dark hair

mannerisms, voice, walk… lots of people integrate these

Debbie to Leslie/Ronaldo Molari “First time I’ve ever talked with you”

Costume ideas
Dread Pirate Roberts:
meter of black fabric, cut out eyes for mask with a knife
cut a square used it as bandana
wore black shirt
wore black pants

Battlestar Galactica = gray pants, black tank top, dog tags

Stargate = green shirt and badge on arm

Tom Baker = scarf, screwdriver (maybe shirt)

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