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Stealth Cosplay
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Not new. Didn’t invent it. Hope I can help popularize it.

Accompaniment to cosplay.

Her defintion:
“act of displaying nerdness with nod to your fandom, way to show your geekness and not getting fired”

Today she kind of went for an Ariel little mermaid thing. Not obvious. Green skirt, blue-green shirt, blue shawl.

Ms. Marvel
black tee shirt with yellow lightning and red lines at bottom

Hawkeye by David Aja
T-shirt by Redbubble Designer TylerOlson619
white tee shirt with target in blues

Primark–huge issues, overlook exploitation for geekness
Etsy Harry Potter scarf by DisKnitBuy a Harry Potter scarf from DisKnit on Etsy.

Get Harry Potter group tee shirts for £10, cheap easily accessible–Ravenclaw, anyone?

How is that stealthy?

Denarius cosplay, jewelry from Etsy
jewelry by BijouxMalou, DragonsDen, etc.

jacket that is the same–don’t have to go all out

Misty Knight, big glasses black, big round

Green tee shirt… She Hulk

really bright purple with a yellow waistcoat = Murdock

Why awesome?
nerdy Freemasons, very friendly
lot cheaper and easier than full cosplay
allows for more creativity

“If you look for it too much, it is a problem. I’ve spent the weekend thinking the businessmen [at the convention hotel] were dressed as Agent Coulson.

You can’t necessarily sew an entire costume.

Can wear your stealth cosplay at other places.

Regular cosplay can be elitist. You’re too big. You’re not white. You’re not a woman. …

You don’t have to go full change. You can do your own thing and add modern.

Get stock outfits… modern jacket instead of cape

How get involved?
High Street Shops, Primark, Redbubble
Etsy, Tumblr
Use your imagination.

Take any character and change it up.
Go completely different.

Spectrum from normal clothes to full cosplay.

tumblr_lg0iarAHEn1qzbn4do1_500 batman eye makeup by nerdygirlloveMake Up
Awesome way to do stealth cosplay.

make-up inspired tutorials on YouTube…

Didn’t do these, but I did google them.

Katherine Davis on Redbubble–batman eye make-up
(My version of the image came from Tumblr.)

Jangsara on
iron man
did Nick Fury one, really did good one
Captain America (the eye of truth and justice)

GoT Baratheon signal (winged eyeliner–antlers)

Your Turn
Choose a character or fandom and decide what sort of stealth cosplay would work.
Is make-up a simple option?

two Velmas ShDSpouse and I come up with:
Velma: Red skirt, orange shirt, red shoes (maybe orange socks)
Daphne: purple top with pink tights
black jacket with shield patch
Shaggy: green v-neck tee and brown cords
Observer: gray photographer’s suit, hat for Observer

someone else:
Ivy from Parasol Protectorate: tea cup earrings, over the top hair slide, happy make up, big floppy skirt

Spock from Star Trek: bought dress from Primark that was like Spock’s uniform

jewelry making courses: really beautiful, effective jewelry
made an Arc Reactor necklace…

Harleyquin costume: red and black, tee shirt, red or black skirt, bows in hair

Ninja Tutles: did the 4 colors as eye make up stripes

don’t stand out as not normal… Suit and jacket…

Hawkeye: purple clothes, bought the sun glasses

Nail polish is stealth cosplay. Fake nails that fit most things.

Color schemes, the four nations–earth, air, fire, water

Hunger Games: black clothes and gold eyeliner

EPBOT steampunk Lady Vadardropping lines? Codes and symbolism. As a society it’s these tiny little codes. I’m a bit creative. Everybody at 9Worlds is creative.

Charity Shops take energy and are hit or miss, but can be good.

EPBOP blogger very creative, full on steampunk Lady Darth Vader, lots of examples

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