Tenure and Promotion Portfolio

wordpress-iconThis week my pre-tenure review of my tenure and promotion portfolio is due. This is the second year the university has required them as WordPress blogs.

I am grateful that I have used WordPress blogs for a while. Despite that, I still learned things working on the t&p portfolio. Some of those things I learned made a big difference in the presentation aspect of the portfolio.

While I was working on it, I decided to incorporate lots of images. After the reading in the research of new media, including quite a lot on visual rhetoric, that seemed to be a good idea.

There is never a perfect t&p portfolio, but you do the best you can and hope that the comments help you improve the work sufficiently to achieve your goal. I think it looks good.

Soliciting feedback is a little tricky, as it is behind a firewall. However, I managed to show it to a couple of people and got some useful and relevant feedback. I’ve made the changes suggested and feel that it is about as done as it will get.

ACU Hunter Welcome Center down the columnsI’m grateful that my university has pre-tenure review in order to give feedback, because I am quite aware that not all schools do. My SIL’s university doesn’t. She was just told, “As soon as you get those two articles published, submit your t&p.” Yikes!

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