Research in Rhetoric of Memory, Cosplay, Fandom

I have been working on a paper for a few months now in answer to a CFP on memory in popular culture.

Upcoming collection on memory in popular culture, under contract with McFarland and Company, seeks proposals for academic essays on the complex role of rhetorical and social memory in science fiction, fantasy, fandom, and online gaming.

Submissions are being solicited that examine cultural memory within the following categories:
• Science Fiction and Fantasy Genre texts
• Fandom activities (including fan fiction and cosplay)
• Online Gaming
• Digital collaboration and media

While the underlying premise of this collection is rhetorically based, interdisciplinary approaches are most desirable. In particular, my goal is to collect perspectives that cover the intersection of contemporary interpretations and explorations of the ancient rhetorical canon of memory, fandom studies, narrative theory, and scholarship into digital media.

I decided that, like my Reading Research in New Media (particularly visual rhetoric), this should also be published on the blog.

I will be posting notes, versions of my abstract, and eventually individual ideas I hope to deal with either in that chapter or in a journal article (after the chapter is in).

This series will be identified with
RMCF (Rhetorical Memory Cosplay Fandom)

steampunk_icon_for_Safari_by_yereverluvinuncleber-d4zhax0and an icon created by yereverluvinuncleber at deviantART and Pinterest and the artist, Dean Beedell, on softpedia

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