Technology Liaison

computer and glasses closerMy chair has asked me to think about being technology liaison for our TAs and adjuncts and new instructors teaching the composition courses in the fall next year. This would include making myself available during specific hours for those teachers.

I think I would also like to have a few “chats” set up. Come to this meeting for [ideas about student scripts]. However, that may be adding more than people really want.

Perhaps having a written idea list would be useful. I’ve started working on things I think would be relevant to the composition teachers.

Right now that list is specifically related to the digital compositions students are working on, but I think it could be extended to discussion of student research (how to not find the same sources everyone else finds on this topic) and other tech-related opportunities.

Update: I was told that one of the specific technologies I need to learn about so that I can share this information with the teachers is oral grading or feedback, such as using Screencast-O-Matic as in this SCMLA presentation.

On Wikipedia there is a comparison of a variety of other screencast software products, including some I have used, such as Camtasia and Jing.

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