SCMLA: Tech Questions

Self-graded quizzes for comp? for lit?
Large component of intro to lit is writing instruction.
Self-graded quizzes worse in lit.
Takes time to create answers.
Can program in feedback for quizzes. (go re-read p. 25 in book)
Then only need to revise after first semester.
Recommend them as pre-emptive quizzes before discussion.

Retaking tests?
Group tests. (Readiness Assessment Test)
Distance learning. Can you incorporate group tests?

Anna: We have to have 30% of my courses be strictly monitored individual. Have to be done independently.
If have access online, could set up wiki or discussion forum to discuss. Could discuss. If want to revise and explain, use a wiki. Discussion forum works in Google docs.

Where does it live? Do they have to sign up?
$15/year gets you a pro account and editing account
They have to have link to get in. Make it unsearchable. So it’s only their link. Link goes into my feedback in D2L.
There’s no grade on the video. Could make it so the name of the thing doesn’t necessarily have name of student.

Screencast-o-matic you can only save on your own site. Paying for pro account means you can save on their site.

Have students mark up their paper while they are listening to your screencast. They see your highlight but it isn’t changed for them.
Screencast, they don’t know how to put their page number and their name, you can show it. Teaches computer skills, too.

Revise and resubmit for papers is great.

Both of you are still using rubrics or do they still feel useful?
Steve: Gives ability for students to break it down on the revise and resubmit.
This goes with really detailed prompt.

Anna: Rubrics. Makes students feel more accepting.
Rubrics can be helpful before the paper is due.

Can also use an example paper with a rubric and let them help determine grades. Figuring it out. Understand the process.

Do you ever have problems with access?
Steve: one linked wrong. No server issues. As long as can play YouTube video, can play screencast. 2 of 20 something viewed on phones.

Where instructor announcements or news? Does this register for being present?

Anna and Laura both use News to maintain online presence.

Steve uses audio only for screencast.

D2L v Blackboard
D2L has host of issues, but is better. Currently less broken.
D2L has to be blue and I don’t like that, but…

Students perceive multimodal/screencast as more personal?
I do audio comments and they perceive them to be more personal as well.

“appreciate the time my instructor took”
Laura has streamlined, so it is now less time than traditional for her.

Steve: Most studies started with both typed comments.
Pretty sure that my traditional comments would have been much more

Turnitin now has audio.

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