SCMLA: Tech Questions 2

Where did you learn this stuff? Take courses?
Get the software and play with it.
OpenCourseWare—MIT, Columbia
LYNDA—database that teaches
YouTube—for information

Nuts and bolts: Where in the semester?
Write every day, 2.5% of total grade
Led to a major assignment that I had not planned.

Do you ask for attribution in the digital compositions?
Talk about it, but we don’t require.

Incoming college students? –what are they good at? What skills are they lacking? What do you try to break them of?
Most interested in bringing students into close reading and argumentative writing. Officially prerequisite.
Problems we see students want to go straight to theme or hunt and peck for symbols.
In writing skills, we are interested in seeing students who can justify arguments.

My biggest pet peeve is that they have turned writing into a formula that produces only one document. I teach it as a set of skills.

University of Kansas—research based this and that…

Mine are having trouble with… they can find a source but can’t synthesize it.

Writing as punishment, writing as school, writing as something I can’t do. How many of you wrote in the last week? How many of you read something not in school?

How integrate simple tech?
Rural NE Texas, no digital natives. Internet access doesn’t exist for many of them at home.

Have students working on Wikipedia and how it works and why it’s not an academic source. It’s very useful.
Write an article and try to make it stick. EC at end of semester if it still exists.

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