CFP: Multiliteracies in Underrepresented Populations

Multiliteracies in Underrepresented Populations
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Dr. Abigail Scheg and Dr. Mary-Lynn Chambers, Elizabeth City State University
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Call for Papers for an edited collection:
Developing and Understanding Multiliteracies in Underrepresented Populations
As new technology based communication skills are being developed, researched, and used for educative purposes, a greater understanding of these skills is necessary not just in our majority student populations, but in our minority populations as well. Arguably, the first population to experience a new literacy tool (and therefore, skill) is the population that has the financial and educational means to do so. Thus, our more privileged students are experiencing the benefits of developing multiliteracy in the classroom. However, what about the minority students? What about the online classroom? Are there challenges being faced, and what are some of the solutions being discovered?

Chambers’ (2014) research identifies an agency issue experienced by minority students who attempt to navigate their learning in a strictly text based, online environment. This challenge requires a pedagogical re-writing regarding technology based learning so that all students will benefit from a multi-modal approach in the face-to-face and online class.
Considering this perspective, the many voices of instructors who work with minority populations needs to be explored, heard, and shared. This edited collection calls for the unique perspectives of educators who work with underrepresented or minority populations in terms of multiliteracy skill development. Specifically, this call for papers is looking for educators to describe the context of their situation, their student population, and the unique challenges of building one or more literacy skills based on technology, when working with their students.

Please email inquiries or abstracts of approximately 250 words to Dr. Abigail Scheg (@ag_scheg) and Dr. Mary-Lynn Chambers to by January 15, 2015. Dr. Abigail Scheg and Dr. Mary-Lynn Chambers are both Assistant Professors at Elizabeth City State University in the Department of Language, Literature, and Communication.

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