HOF: CV Mistakes

From “Ten Worst Things to put on your c.v.”:

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Quote from: southerntransplant on July 05, 2011, 5:59:02 PM
On academic CV:

“Health: Good”

I was always taught that if your health is listed on a resume as anything other than “excellent,” you would be considered gravely ill.

That does it. I’m adding to my cv “Health: In Progress.”

Ah yes, we could have an entire new lexicon:

In progress: I am trying to stop drinking, overeating, etc.
Submitted: I have a doctor’s appointment
Under review: I am undergoing a series of medical treatments
Revise and resubmit: I have a major operation scheduled shortly
In press: I am in the morgue
Published: See my obituary for more details

from 2clueless

Because, seriously, we need more humor in our lives.

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