DWme: It’s the small things that…

It’s the little things that…
Keep you up and happy. People smiling at you. The opportunity to see a baby or an older couple holding hands. A kiss in the morning or the evening. A hug from your father or your son. Little things make such a difference.

I would like to do the little things that make a difference in other people’s lives. What little things can I do? What can I keep up with that would be a blessing in folks’ lives and be something they would smile about and that would make their day a little peppier?

What little things have people done recently for me? Karen C brought me a stomper-onner for my light in my office. While that’s not really a little thing, she probably thought of it that way. My son gave me a hug and introduced me to his friend Sarah, who I had not previously met. Asia posted on Facebook about the “points” that she gave out to students who were participating in class and that I actually rewarded those points. Ron texted me from Vegas to tell me that he had arrived.

I really appreciated all those little things. I appreciate the students who say hello to me in the classroom when they come in or I do. I appreciate the smiles. I appreciate the appearance of listening. I appreciate the respect that people show by not talking over me or while I am talking or while someone else is talking in class.

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