Best $6 Ever Spent!

Best $6 I ever spent on school-related purchases! I tried to get the students to leave ten minutes after class was over but they insisted on staying another twenty minutes.

Yesterday I went to Hastings to rent The Book of Eli. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the movie in the rentals. Then my husband saw it in the Sale bin. I paid $6 (+ .085% tax) for the movie.

We started watching it at 7:30. At 9 pm, ten minutes after class officially ended, I went to turn it off. The whole class erupted in “No”s and one student said if I turned it off he was going straight to Netflix to watch the end of it.

At 9:10 one student snuck out for his 9 pm appointment. But everyone else stayed until 9:20, when the movie ended.

I am teaching a five-week one-hour credit course on presentations of Christianity in twenty-first century science fiction and fantasy. Of the thirteen students, five are sff fans. The others have some sff movies and reading, but mostly think of it as something someone else–not like them–reads and watches. (So it took them a while to realize Harry Potter and Star Wars counted.)

Two of the students had seen the movie before. They also stayed to the end.


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