DWme: For spring break, I…

For spring break, I will be going to Galveston, but not for the beach, as I am not a beach person. However, I will be attending the Conference of College Teachers of English and visiting with friends old and new. I am presenting at Texas College English Association, which shares the conference with CCTE, and I am looking forward to that.

I will also be visiting my two nieces and nephew (and incidentally my baby sister) who live in Houston. I have not seen them in quite a while and I miss them. I had expected as they got older to get in touch with them on social media or maybe just via email, but they aren’t on yet.

I will also be in Houston for two days without anything I have to do. If I rent a car, which I expect I will, I would like to go by HCC and see the new digs and some friends. I don’t know if I will manage that, but maybe Sharon and I can have supper together or something.

I would like to go shopping and I may even have some books I’m specifically looking for, which would give me an excuse to hit the Half Price Books around town.

There are two places I want to eat in Houston. One is Churrasco’s, off Shepherd. The other is Taste of Texas, on the I-10 frontage road. I miss both those restaurants.

For a few days, I hope to have a small get away with my husband, but that hasn’t been planned. He’ll be in California the week before I go to Galveston, so he’ll get home when I’m gone. I think a night in Fort Worth might be fun.

If I go to Fort Worth, I should take my girlfriend her birthday present from 2 years ago. It’s still at my house.

My son will be staying at the house with our dog, so the place will be well cared for. He’ll have quiet and peace and then he can go home to no roommates for a few days.

That’s what I plan to do for spring break.

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