DWme: So far this semester…

So far this semester I have felt like I am swimming against the current. While I am still getting major papers back within the two-week period, sometimes the homework doesn’t get graded for that long either. It’s not consistent, but I just don’t seem to have enough time.

Part of that is because I no longer do any work at home, so whatever I don’t get done at the office does not get done. That also means that the days we got snowed or iced in, I had no work at home that I could do, so I didn’t make good work use of the snow days.

Part of that is because my father is here; I spend most of my daytime break going to get him, going to lunch with him, and running errands with him. I enjoy that and I am glad to have the opportunity to do it, but it takes a big chunk out of my work day.

Part of that is because I have had to learn new software as part of my job and, being the technological miracle that I am, I have managed to find every bug the program has–to the detriment of my work and my classes.

Part of it is that I am trying to be more available to my students and spend a lot more time emailing individuals than I typically do and that takes more time than most people would think.

Finally part of it is that I am slower than I was in the past and what once took an hour now takes longer.

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