PCA Deconstruction of Time and Space in Once Upon a Time

Collapsing Time in Once Upon a Time
Mikee Delony

Six months later, my title is a little bit different… Deconstruction of Time and Space in Once Upon a Time

Tolkien= fairy story what it is or what it should be, does not depend on any historical account of elf or fairy but on Faerie.

Magic is only defining characteristic.
Expansive magical realm that includes about everything except the kitchen sink.
Fairy tale characters and other characters from different kinds of stories included.
If the Faerie story meets Tolkien’s requirement. All the spaces are magical spaces.

Fairy tale characters interacting with one

Marie Lorie Ryan, definition of storyworld
“container for an inventory of story existence… as long as story world becomes saturated…”

storyworld of Once Upon a Time through the first 3 seasons, dimensions of time and space, first multiply.
Storybrook… and multiple dimensions of time and space.
At end of episode 1 all the dimensions collapse.

Trope common in fairy stories, at same time it foreshadows problems with time and space within the story/television series.

At first this story seems to be located in the real, here and now.
Magic-saturated settings…
By naming the small town Storybrook, featuring a story that begins with a book, placed firmly into fairy stories.

clock tower from Once Upon a Time image from podcast of same nameClock tower…
8:15 frozen in time for 28 years
story of a town which has no story, without past or future, only the present for 28 years

Filled with conversations about time

Dimensions of time and space go from two worlds
“Getting Real with Fairy Tales: Magical Realism…” essay
further collect space and time with 19thC London, Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan…

2012 Disney and the Middle Ages of Fairy Tales and …

television long art series to develop time and space and delay Happily ever after…

flashbacks are actually scenes that propel the story forward.
Flashbacks are part of the linear story, even as they range across multiple times.

Rather than filling in what happened in the past, the flashbacks move the story forward.
Time is imagined as manageable. Go forward, stop, etc

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