PCA Disney Princess v Princess Test

Disney Princesses v Princess Culture
Priscilla Hobbs

Officially 11

Written into chivalric code: knight
From needing rescue changes to taking princess tests.

Archetypal figures
Journey of female character
Female follows hero journey OR female break with her parents

Jody Bauer’s theory
Metaphorical underworld descent
Wandering quest

Each princess’ story rests on her ability to grow enough to use her own abilities.
All Disney stories end happily ever after.
Prince is the reward for passing the test.

Dramatic change is a key attribute to female journey.
Jung—psychological process of becoming a whole individual
Adolescent experiences

Disney princesses are 16 to 25.

Explore diversity, feminist theory, and the portrayal of princesses.

Perspectives and worldviews shaped by Disney.
Using the mythic stories within our culture to help children develop compassionate understanding.

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