PCA Phenomenology of Objects

Tardis 1963
“Unearthly Child” police officer walking and then we see the Tardis
masculine, phallic (can hold things in it—that’s womb)
crew of original Tardis post WWII rebuilding, encoded as a children’s show
grandfather, surrogate parents, granddaughter
Barbara gets jealous of/for Ian, but not romance

Tardis itself
Lines, dinner table, father sits at head of table
Straight-edged lines on the control boards = doctor’s hearth
Heteronormative orientation

Liberator and Scorpio
Opposite of Enterprise, cells are facing forward
Alien spaceship that’s been stolen by the crew
Phallic and predatory outside shape
Luxurious interior hexagonal, triangle… couch and everything Blake hangs out with all the babes

Uses Sarah Ahmed’s theory…
Hierarchical lifestyle reflected in objects and spaces
Made to size and made to order
Sizes presume bodies will match, oriented towards each other

Speaker: Tom Powers

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